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Another Update Coming

For anyone out there that still frequents my freelance business/website/blog, I just wanted to announce that another update video is coming. I hope next week to work on it and if everything goes well, it might be released as early as next week. Ideally, while I have recorded more of the genotyping process, I plan on recording and including other sections that are more reflective vlog/diary form and hopefully come across as a more realistic view of both some of the positives and negatives I'm still dealing with, nearly a year later.

Beyond that, I am also considering working on a larger project in the coming months that is a long-form video and series of video diaries that I have collected and I hope will coalesce into either a larger video (or perhaps video series), which ultimately demonstrates the life struggles and what has lead me to the present day. Overall, the idea is to offer some cohesion in the story telling. I don't want to get anymore into it currently, and I have contemplated putting one together. Part of the reasoning is also for my own sense of cohesion and to better accept my courage and the heartbreak of certain realities.

More than anything, right now I am feeling a bit reflective and confused on where I want to go. On one hand, I think I would do well/fit well anywhere there is a friendly/positive workplace culture, I have a certain love and gift for tech as I do for research, albeit different overall. In the coming months as I explore potential new opportunities, I'm trying to keep an open mind and not being too quick to judge things. This is obviously hard, though, since my own perceptions shape this experience and ultimately, no matter what I do, I am seeking happiness and purpose again in my life. I have so many gifts to offer, I don't want them to go to waste, but I also don't want to be stuck with no additional opportunities down the road. Additionally, I hope I can find an employer that is willing to be flexible and work with me because I do really have a lot to offer, and I'm passionate to offer up these skills to good use if the situation is right. However, in addition to the work/life balance, I want to feel entrusted/empowered and offered the self-agency necessary to excel, while also being seen and heard for my own individual requirements and needs. But, I first need to be offered the chance to demonstrate my skills.