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One Surreal Moment

Nothing can prepare oneself - once you get over the pain - for the moment you look down and realize a majority of my leg is completely missing. Not only is this confusing to the conscious mind, but also proves to be confusing for the lower (operating system-level) part of our brain. When you're in pain, it feels like your leg has been crushed, or even drawn into a escalator (or rather a a series of cogs/gears). It's quite painful and that's what I woke up to.

In addition to this pain, there must have been some residual ketamine left as the induction/adjunct medicine during surgery. When I came to, yet again my body was already moaning in agony as they provided me injection after injection. We're talking IV dilaudid, fentanyl and oxycodone. Additionally. they also provided me orals. They threw everything they had - including the broomstick