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Regular Video Updates

This is just a minor update/post informing all of you that I am almost setup to start recording/publishing short video updates on my progress/health and finally getting around to putting out some supplemental/educational/content-related science videos. I will surely limit each of them to 10 minutes in duration and in some instances they may even be five minutes, or less.

In the interest of not repeating myself like as broken record, I will try my best to not repeat idenical points in the same video, to the level of ad nauseum. However, regardless I may repeat them subconsciously, or intentionally to emphasize a point, emotion, or to underscore some importance.

With that out of the way, I wanted to discuss a sort of "writer's block" currently with regard to my creativity. This block has existed for approximately the past 5-10 years as it relates to the limited number of unique permutations that we independently (as humans) conceptualize creatively. The idea is, since we live in this age of technology and with the internet acting as permanent record keeper, there are a finite amount of original/free ideas that have been taken that are left. This could be a s simple a creating a new email address/internet alias/idenity/handle, or something as complicated as developing a new and original idea for project/company/entrapeneural branding.

I believe many of you already know what I'm hinting at, but just in case, let me be basic, and yet thorough with my explanation:

''Do you recall a time in your past, when you created your first email address that either used your real name, nickname, or created an alias that aligned with your particular passions/interests (or even better yet, arrived at something seemingly and entirely random?) ... only to find out that it's been taken? Fine. (you think) You arrive at an alteration to your selected name... again! (you think, only to find out that name has been taken too!) Pardon me, but WTF?! While this is not an entirely uncommon event, for first/last name, word variants, doubleword combinations (or in my particular case, my favorite standby incorporates portmanteau; the proces of adjoining two words with similar ending and respective beginning and merge into a single word; before discovering the actual name for this phenomenon, I would commonly refer to it as "word corruption"). At any rate, I am finding it exceedingly hard now adays to find available identity because most of the registrations have been automated by bots and squatted upon by their users.

Examples of these phenomenon in "relatively" recent time, and occured rather ubiquitously was when the web/internet was starting to catch on in the early to mid 90s. Many companies went to register their .com/.net/.org (which are referred to as top-level domains - TLDs for short) only to find out that someone outside of their organization had not only registered the name, but furthermore were squatting on them, holding them ransom with zero interest in developing their website into an actual idea, or competitive product. Moreover, in the modern day, we find associated dangers on the internet (which there are many, too many to list and out of purview of this particular article, but this form of squatting can also be transformed into a form of identity theft and can be used to demean one's character. For example, if you do your research and arise at an entirely unique name for yourself only that hasn't been used anywhere, you better register this name on all social media platforms and also sign up for your own .com version of it right away. If you wait even a day, somehow - almost like magic (or like someone is stalking you) - you will find your unique name snatched up on other social media platforms, or the individual websites you visit. Finally, further adding to the limitations are bots that register gmail addresses practically with every permutation. You can try this experiment yourself: go to gmail.com (make sure you are signed out) and use the signup page to attempt to see if your single-word address is free. When you clearly find it won't be available, then increment numbers starting with one behind it. What do you find? Literally every single email address aside from the most obscure of addresses have been taken.

So I apologize for the lengthly explanation, but we're in that age of torrential data flow. Like a torrential downpour and each raindrop, unique, you will find it hard and in some cases seemingly impossible (if you do your research beforehand) to go from conceptualizing an idea into your brain independently and then later checking to see if the idea has already been claimed/taken. The same can be said about the limited number of unique melodies avaialble and don't even get me started with anti-plagerism sites. While some students will clearly cheat, many do not and won't, but because of the limited number of sentences available on the topic of Abe Lincoln, if you give it several hundreds of years, pretty soon you will have papers that are 50% identical. It's only a matter of time. What I'm essentially describing is the infinite monkey theorem which states that if you have an army of monkeys, all with type writers, randomly punching away for seemingly forever, eventually one of those monkeys will produce something intelligble that already exists 1:1. So that definitely gets in my way of creativity. I have discussed this with several of my friends/co-workers/family throughout the years. I suppose all one can do is do their best to realize if you have an independent and original idea that's already taken, take it as a compliment and move onto one that is either not taken, or less taken. However, it does put me into a damper and I feel depressed when thinking it's nearly impossible to "be THE original" with all of this background static going on.

Thusly, I should probably just leave it where it is. That is to say, let creativity thrive in a place where logic doesn't prevent its development. At the end of the day, you can produce a concept without a name. But, invisioning that concept and using it to draw inspriation from I find particularly useful when the project is new. Without it, you are somewhat forced to work backwards.

Anyways, more on that later. I'm running out of time so I'll just say, I'm doing as best to be expected. Tomorrow I'll be going to my prosthetist's office to fix my leg. Apparently the knee is loose and coming apart so that has prevented me from wearing my prosthesis. I will be starting PT on/around Jan 30th and I'll be fitted for a wheel chair on the 24th of January. Also, I'm going to need to transfer onto COBRA, where I'll be paying around $700 a month for my premium so the newly approved long-term disability is absolutely necessary until I well enough again to work and/or job hunt and/or find someone that will vouch for me to find an in either in tech, or research, or something else.