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Three Month Update

I wish I had something more uplifting to post about, but alas, I do not. It has been an up-and-down process since the amputation happened. I'm finding difficulty in picking up the pieces and moving on, mostly because moving on is not simply a mind-over-matter issue. Right now, I am still very much limited to my amputation and haven't gotten my prosthesis, nor have I started with PT yet.

So anyways, I think that's been the hardest thing to deal with, along with worries of my ability to adapt to my circumstances into the next stages.

Aside from that, I have been hanging in there. I just haven't been in the mood to update. Not much has changed in a deep and meaningful way. I think the last real meaningful thing to happen was the physical with my PCP on Nov 3rd, I felt vindicated. I have only seen her, at most, a handful of times in the past 7 years and she was the one to bring up that the health issues I presented to her in June of 2015, she personally feels was connected to these infection issues of the past two years. Her words, not mine. So there was that. She also really listened to me by explaining what has helped these past several years, including, but not limited to energy / focus and her hearing me when I said that starting medication for that was a blessing is disguise, since I struggled ever since I was a kid with those sorts of issues.

As far as how I'm fairing with discomfort and pain, it too has been up and down. Some residual limb pain and phantom pain - been getting a bit better (slowly). I'll be seeing PM next week to discuss, but likely will ask for a bit of break with decreasing the dose. All sorts of milestones have been reached, but I want to remain comfortable, still. Also, next week I'll be meeting with my oncologist to discuss if she will be willing to help with getting IV iron infusions covered by insurance. Since I have been chronically anemic for the past two years and currently still quite anemic, I am hoping if both her and insurance agrees, that can be treated so I can be feeling better that way.

Finally, I have been working with my PCPs colleague for therapy, but that wrapped up finally 8-9 days ago. She can only see me for six visits, so it was primarily a stop-gap until I can find a therapist to help dissect and discuss the past 7 years (as a whole), but especially the past 2 years (with this infection).