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Welcome to dev.aetheryl.net!

I am focused on taking it easy. Now that I have the new blog set up, its mostly time to focus on the the tasks and healthcare visits prior to my amputation, rest my leg now that I have discontinued my antibiotic as of 8/4/2022 and say a massive prayer I can make it these two weeks off of antibiotics, with infected metal and a tube in my leg. Obviously... not ideal.

SOO... here's to hoping the pain and fever don't land me in the ER before surgery and I'm provided the wherewithal to prevail. I will now switch my focus, free-time, productivity-wise to my GoFundMe page. Plenty more productive/creative projects to pursue, here and there :)

As far as what's next (with whatever free-time is available in the coming weeks):

  • I'll be posting more/regular videos to my GoFundMe campaign for educational reasons, to promote the blog/site and most importantly to honor my supporters! But, for now: your patience is greatly appreciated. I'm going through a lot and while this creative work is a welcome distraction and outlet, I have other tasks that are currently stealing my time. Plus, I need time for rest/reflexion where the focus is more on nothing, focusing purely on the moment, or engaging/processing life experiences without vocationally, or actively seeking the distraction. However, with that being said, do rest assured that I'll be putting out new videos here shortly. Moreover, while my specific case may not benefit currently from the chronic endoprosthesis PJI/bacteriophage research, I'm all about education, science and discourse. Thus, I'll be continuing these series of videos to accompany the amputation experience series of videos and both will be coming soon!
  • Additionally, beyond the blog / portfolio aspects of this website, the site will also feature original/independent and regularly penned articles (by me) and articles of interest (AOI) curation (which I'll share with you and I encourage your interaction and comments). I'll focus on composing new articles during my downtime, or anytime I stumble upon a new curiosity. They will cover a wide-variety of subjects ranging from science/tech to mature philosophical concepts/topics.
  • Finally, down the road, I'll be launching other sections/pages of this website which will include web development/design/scripting portfolio, some coding/genetics research tutorials, and my fun and interesting curated interests/discoveries with you, etc. The real question (and I'll eventually need to put out a poll to answer this question is: would visitors of this site like an email subscription-based updating system to inform you of my new posts? I would say please let me know and I apologize if that currently requires a quick sign-up on https://dev.aetheryl.net/discussions. Be sure to access the appropriate thread, or create your own (along with any additional suggestions by using/including the #site-feedback tag)

My GoFundMe

Can be accessed here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/amputation-beyond-help-to-reclaim-my-footing. The goal is multi-fold: purpose is to update those on my life/health status/recovery; educate others on my medical matters from my background/vantage point as a researcher; and last (but not of least importance) raise money to improve my quality of life, post-amputation, by raising money for a better-quality exoprosthesis to replace my diseased/dying endoprosthesis.

GoFundMe Associated video log (vLog) updates:

1. Video vLog No. 1