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What's Next?

I'm still feeling caught up in this mess, but I am taking steps to show up and try to push beyond all of it.

I spent some time this week outside, trying to help out, whatever limited amount I couild on some house project stuff. Partially for something/anything productive to do that would allow me...

3rd Oct 2023

Random Odds and Ends

Just performing a random and short write-up here from lab (as a volunteer), as I'm waiting for a gel to develop.

Basically this past week, I have been working on a summary write-up that can hopefully be used for legal proceedings. I have to lead a buddhist/recovery support group next week and need...

1st Sep 2023

Life Frustrations, Worry, and Work

Time seems to be just slipping by. Month after month and before long, it is coming up on the anniversary of my amputation.

In some ways, it feels like last summer was forever ago; in other ways, it doesn't seem really all that long ago. As I have mentioned in past posts, it's a really scary time i...

14th Aug 2023
A Crossroads

A Crossroads

While I wish I could say things have been going extremely well for me, I'd rather try to accurately capture the state of things and how I've been.

It takes a lot of practice to live life, one day at a time and not attempt to glean any deeper meaning from anything/everything. I basically volunteere...

5th Aug 2023
A Tribute to My Journey, Looking Back and Onward Forward

A Tribute to My Journey, Looking Back and Onward Forward

Life, as it were, before being an amputee wasn't a problem-free experience. However, I find myself looking back at the past 7-years of my life.

In particular, I look back at my lab management position and truly miss what I had there. I really enjoyed leading the lab, working with the students, gen...

9th Jun 2023
A More Positive Update

A More Positive Update

SECOND UPDATE Sorry it has taken a bit of time to write an update about this. I was pretty let-down to find out that the PI I interviewed with decided to not proceed forward with me as a candidate. I'm not sure how much of it was due to concerns about a perceived inability for me to perform the tas...

22nd May 2023

Not in Love with Life Right Now

I find it immensely difficult right now to capture, nor express into words the way I feel in a way that conveys the meaning without coming across either pessimistic, or entirely nihilistic. Of course, for anyone that knows me, they would attest to the fact I believe in a form of higher power, coloqu...

17th Mar 2023

Regular Video Updates

This is just a minor update/post informing all of you that I am almost setup to start recording/publishing short video updates on my progress/health and finally getting around to putting out some supplemental/educational/content-related science videos. I will surely limit each of them to 10 minutes...

16th Jan 2023

Three Month Update

I wish I had something more uplifting to post about, but alas, I do not. It has been an up-and-down process since the amputation happened. I'm finding difficulty in picking up the pieces and moving on, mostly because moving on is not simply a mind-over-matter issue. Right now, I am still very much l...

17th Nov 2022