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A More Positive Update

A More Positive Update

UPDATE The interview, in my opinion, went very well. We spoke for close to two and a half hours. She is quite nice. The only issue I expressed was the salary range offered. Given my technical background, previous lab management and bench skills experience, it's less than what I was making when I st...

22nd May 2023

Not in Love with Life Right Now

I find it immensely difficult right now to capture, nor express into words the way I feel in a way that conveys the meaning without coming across either pessimistic, or entirely nihilistic. Of course, for anyone that knows me, they would attest to the fact I believe in a form of higher power, coloqu...

17th Mar 2023

Regular Video Updates

This is just a minor update/post informing all of you that I am almost setup to start recording/publishing short video updates on my progress/health and finally getting around to putting out some supplemental/educational/content-related science videos. I will surely limit each of them to 10 minutes...

16th Jan 2023

Three Month Update

I wish I had something more uplifting to post about, but alas, I do not. It has been an up-and-down process since the amputation happened. I'm finding difficulty in picking up the pieces and moving on, mostly because moving on is not simply a mind-over-matter issue. Right now, I am still very much l...

17th Nov 2022

One Surreal Moment

Nothing can prepare oneself - once you get over the pain - for the moment you look down and realize a majority of my leg is completely missing. Not only is this confusing to the conscious mind, but also proves to be confusing for the lower (operating system-level) part of our brain. When you're in...

24th Oct 2022

Post-Amputation (August 18th and onward)

Foreword (long form: not the TL;DR you're looking for): Right now, I am swimming in a deep sea of raw experience and emotions. I really cannot explain, capture, or translate these feelings as they swirl and flow around me. It's been three days once we ellipse 10:28AM (at the time of writing this par...

24th Oct 2022

2 of 3 Surgeries Completed

Surgery No. 2 went well, from a surgical standpoint (or so my Mom was told). Again, Dr. Stoneback performed the removal of the antibiotic nail from the previous surgery, performed a deep-bone biopsy, and replaced it with another antibiotic nail and also performed the formalization. Dr. Greyson, the...

24th Oct 2022