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Not in Love with Life Right Now

I find it immensely difficult right now to capture, nor express into words the way I feel in a way that conveys the meaning without coming across either pessimistic, or entirely nihilistic. Of course, for anyone that knows me, they would attest to the fact I believe in a form of higher power, coloqu...

17th Mar 2023

Regular Video Updates

This is just a minor update/post informing all of you that I am almost setup to start recording/publishing short video updates on my progress/health and finally getting around to putting out some supplemental/educational/content-related science videos. I will surely limit each of them to 10 minutes...

16th Jan 2023

Three Month Update

I wish I had something more uplifting to post about, but alas, I do not. It has been an up-and-down process since the amputation happened. I'm finding difficulty in picking up the pieces and moving on, mostly because moving on is not simply a mind-over-matter issue. Right now, I am still very much l...

17th Nov 2022

Up and Down Recovery

Since we're all human, I'm going to begin with this: I'm sure many of you that have experienced adversity in the face of overwhelming situations in your life know the deep down dread, an emotion that eclipses logic. It's been hard for me to reach out to people and really let them know how I've been...

24th Oct 2022

Final Stages of Antibiotic & Surgical Recovery

Hello, once again, everyone! I wanted to update you on how (what will hopefully be) my final surgery went.

How'd the surgery go?

I was given some Versed taken back to the OR around 8:35AM. Once in the OR, they aligned the gurney alongside the OR table and asked if I could transfer over/onto the...

24th Oct 2022

Oct 3rd 2022: Antibiotic Nail Removal Surgery

Hey everyone,

It has been quite a while since I've posted, or provided any of you an update (more on that later, in an upcoming blog post). For now, I wanted to post the details regarding my next surgery.

Let Femur Antibiotic Nail Removal

  • Date: 10/03/2022 (6:30AM check-in for an 8:30AM surge...
24th Oct 2022

One Surreal Moment

Nothing can prepare oneself - once you get over the pain - for the moment you look down and realize a majority of my leg is completely missing. Not only is this confusing to the conscious mind, but also proves to be confusing for the lower (operating system-level) part of our brain. When you're in...

24th Oct 2022