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I'm currently trying to get myself out a slump because of what happened on Dec 26th, 2023 with regards to my prosthetist appointment. In short, the formalized and finished socket was not "finished" and contained the very same problem present in the 4th test socket. The way it works, is all appointments are 2 weeks apart. A typical casting process consists of:

  • Measurements
  • 1st test socket
  • 2nd test socket
  • Additional test sockets, in this specific case we made it 4, and there should have been a fifth one that didn't happen
  • Formalized socket delivery
  • (in total, this means it took 12 weeks to deliver on a non-functional socket)

Since it didn't work out (major leg whip while triailing the final version), you may then be wondering on a solution. Since I was dumped by my first prosthesist (him being the business owner of the local Hanger Clincs, he reneged on his promise to keep my a client and passed me over to a temporary floater prosthetist, and along to my third prosthetist); but I did convince the initial guy to take me back on as a client and assured me he wouldn't drop me again (so long as he remains with hanger). He has 18 years worth of experience and my last socket was spot-on. Unfortunately, we are starting this whole casting process, anew. This means the earliest I can expect to have a formalized socket completed is by mid-Feb, early-March. My physical therapist is out all of March, so the earliest I can have supervised rehabing with the new socket, will be in April.

Since my current socket doesn't fit right, it limits my ability to do physical therapy and causes me more pain. It doesn't help that I'm being pressured down on meds, amid this. Here's to hoping next week goes well.

I'll end with revisiting the actual topic of the post: vocation/projects. I'm currently working on an FF7 Rebirth theory video (I don't know if it will go viral, or not). Second to that, I am exploring a joint project between two of my friends, one on audio, the other on pixel art, and me as the coder. We are thinking of exploring game design, though I would be learning GameMaker for the first time. I'll definitely announce of anything comes of these two projects. The theory video as the potential to be very popular because I have watched and read a lot on the theories, but most fail to develop a cohesive theory. Plus I think there are special plans in Rebirth to retcon between the two characters Vincent Valentine and Zack Fair.

As far as disability and work, I am trying to find a way out of my current circumstances. I hope I'll catch a break next month and hear back on remote work possibility, but it isn't for certain.