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2 of 3 Surgeries Completed

Surgery No. 2 went well, from a surgical standpoint (or so my Mom was told). Again, Dr. Stoneback performed the removal of the antibiotic nail from the previous surgery, performed a deep-bone biopsy, and replaced it with another antibiotic nail and also performed the formalization. Dr. Greyson, the...

24th Oct 2022

Post-Amputation (August 18th and onward)

Foreword (long form: not the TL;DR you're looking for): Right now, I am swimming in a deep sea of raw experience and emotions. I really cannot explain, capture, or translate these feelings as they swirl and flow around me. It's been three days once we ellipse 10:28AM (at the time of writing this par...

24th Oct 2022
A Mini-Post Update (a residual complication; second surgery)

A Mini-Post Update (a residual complication; second surgery)

Post Second Surgery Throat Exercises (issues with positioning and post-intubation)

  1. Loss of vocal timbre (less robust sounding voice) exercises:
    • Warbles:
      • Aha-aha ~ aha-aha (different pitch levels)
    • Glides (base to treble, treble to bass - as much of the vocal range - as possible):
      • A...
31st Aug 2022

Bed-Side Update No. 1

I know this is my ninth day in the hospital without an update, so what's going on? Well it's a long story and I'll try to offer you an outline of what brought us to this moment and the primary factor that has prevented me from providing updates. It's one noun, one syllable, all encompassing term, an...

27th Aug 2022
Welcome to dev.aetheryl.net!

Welcome to dev.aetheryl.net!

I am focused on taking it easy. Now that I have the new blog set up, its mostly time to focus on the the tasks and healthcare visits prior to my amputation, rest my leg now that I have discontinued my antibiotic as of 8/4/2022 and say a massive prayer I can make it these two weeks off of antibioti...

5th Aug 2022 - Test


It's time for an update. It's been entirely too long since I have provided info on how I've been. Since then a lot has changed. The blog has moved to this new location. Much more to come, but for right now content seems richer and easier to deploy. Moreover, I can already sense how this structure...

3rd Aug 2022